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PIXsocial gets you more leads by automatically posting relevant content and fresh listings to your social media. Effective farming without lifting a finger? Yes, please.

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Fresh content, automatically yours.

My Content gets you fresh, original content, delivered directly to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Increase your online visibility and initiate conversations through helpful and informative content, curated just for you.

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How It Works

The secret ingredient to My Content? People. Real, cage-free people. Our content managers scour the internet to find those diamond-in-the-rough pieces that interest your audience. That stuff goes into our content database. This is where you come in.


Select from 15 different topics, including real estate, DIY, travel, food, interior design and home improvement.


Pick which days you want content to appear on your social media profiles - up to four per week.


Sit back and enjoy the social media automation. (With your newfound free time, we recommend massages, good food, and catching up on your DVR’d shows.)

Hungry for leads? Feast.

Every My Content post includes beautiful lead generation opportunities. Find clients before they’re ready to sell. Start building a valuable pool of leads.



Fresh and relevant content to get you noticed.


We keep tabs on the latest home and real estate trends for you.


Build relationships with potential clients.


Establish yourself as a thought leader.

Time Savings:

No need to surf the web for great content.


Fortify your status as a community and industry insider.

Make it magnificent.

PIXsocial’s automation gives you more free time and peace of mind. Expand your social media footprint and increase your selling power now.

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